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Infor CRM: Features

Infor CRM comes with the following Features to help you with your business:


Account & Contact Management

  • Access and record detailed information about customer accounts and contacts
  • Track all customer interactions and add files, notes, and literature requests
  • Assign ownership, establish account hierarchies, and track lead sources and status
  • Share information captured at all points of interaction for a complete customer view
  • Create dynamic groups with the ability to sort, share, and update in real-time
Opportunity Management
  • Manage all key opportunity data for maximum sales productivity and effectiveness
  • Track probability of close, products, lead source, status, and competitors
  • Generate sales proposals automatically reflecting native customer currency
  • View Opportunity Snapshot and e-mail key summary data to managers with one click
Sales Process Automation
  • Drive opportunities to a close and improve forecasting using standardized sales processes
  • Define stages in the sales process and assign objectives, activities, results and close probability
  • Assign unique processes based on product line, deal size, territory, or lead type
  • Automate scheduling of follow-up activities such as mailings and phone calls
  • Add decision points and conditional requirements before events are triggered
Quotes & Orders
  • Automate customer-facing price quotes and generate sales orders quickly and efficiently
  • Track quote and order history for each account, so you can up-sell and cross-sell based on customer preferences
  • Integrate with back-office finance, accounting, and inventory systems so that you can be assured the customer qualifies for the purchase and inventory is available
Calendar & Activity Management
  • Manage schedules and keep track of activities and events for multiple users
  • Track phone calls, meetings, to-dos, events, and literature requests
  • Schedule international activities and display dates and times in users' local regions
  • Record completed activities automatically within customer records
  • Prioritize your day with a welcome page that displays your top calendar and activity items for the day
Sales Productivity Tools
  • Track competition - including their strengths and weaknesses - right from the opportunity
  • Store proposals, RFI/RFP templates, sales presentations, and other important documents in the library
  • Respond to customer literature requests quickly with the ability to attach them from the library and send directly from Infor CRM
  • Find customer and account information quickly with Infor CRM SpeedSearch
  • Link to customer websites and map to their location directly from within the opportunity
Alerts & Notifications
  • Stay on track with high profile opportunities so you move the deal forward and bring it to a successful close
  • Receive alerts via e-mail, phone, or web browser so you never miss an important deadline or milestone
  • Monitor data proactively and automatically receive alerts when conditions are met
  • Ensure accounts stay active and opportunities are moved forward with automatic notifications around deadlines or inactivity
Sales Forecasting
  • Generate accurate sales forecasts at the account, territory, or regional level
  • Display your forecast graphically on a dashboard, so you have your data displayed in real-time
  • Produce forecast reports - inclusive of a graphical display - quickly and easily with out-of-the-box functionality
  • Drill deeper into account and forecast information using Infor CRM Advanced Analytics*
Analytics & Reporting
  • View opportunity totals and key metrics for quick analysis of sales pipeline
  • Segment opportunities by account manager, region, or probability of close
  • Gather critical information via standard or custom reporting
  • Analyze sales campaigns, pipeline efficiency, revenue by lead source, and more
  • Evaluate sales team performance and guide strategic improvements
MS Office & Outlook Integration
  • Manage contacts, e-mails, and calendars the Infor CRM integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Share contact information between Outlook and Infor CRM address books
  • Send e-mails and attachments using Outlook recording to Infor CRM activity history automatically
  • Check availability and send meeting requests using Outlook within Infor CRM
  • Export Infor CRM reports to Excel for further analysis
  • Eliminate double data entry using the integrated Infor CRM and Microsoft applications
Back Office Integration
  • Interact with back-office applications, including ERP, accounting, HR, and industry-specific solutions
  • Drag and drop documents from your desktop into Infor CRM
  • View and share data in real-time such as invoices, pricing information, order information, credit status, payments and returns
  • Information entered in another system can be viewed instantly from within Infor CRM
  • Easily integrate with MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, X3 or S1000
  • Access your Infor CRM data on a wide range of popular devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry
  • Work offline, or work online over a network or the Web; alternatively you can rapidly synchronize and work offline
  • Manage contacts, account history, order tracking, support, and leads - all from your mobile device
  • View and edit your key information from your mobile device; including notes, activities, and calendar items

Segmentation & Groups
  • Segment customer and prospect lists using advanced query tools
  • Perform temporary lookups or create groups for repeat access to sets of records
  • Deliver targeted marketing messages and sales offers to select customer segments
  • Export group data to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis
Campaign Management
  • Design, execute, and track all campaign activities in one location
  • Deliver targeted messages and promotions to select customer segments
  • Create custom HTML email templates, then personalize and send
  • Track actual expenses vs. budget and perform cost analysis
Campaign Response Tracking
  • Track response data in real time to analyze the impact of a campaign in progress
  • Assess campaign metrics such as response ratio and associated sales revenue
  • View or add campaign info and responses from within account and contact records
  • Information captured at the individual opportunity level rolls into management view
Lead Management
  • Import leads from web forms, tradeshows, seminars, or purchased lists
  • Track leads at every stage from prospect through closed sale
  • Perform de-duplication on imported leads to ensure the data is clean
  • Merge duplicate leads with existing contacts and accounts
  • Assign hot leads to sales teams or individuals quickly based on your business criteria
Reporting & Analysis
  • Track and analyze win/loss information so you can adjust messaging, positioning, and tactics
  • Examine campaign data responses, associated revenue, and product detail
  • Track budgets vs. expenses per task in the campaign management view
  • Create custom or use pre-built dashboards to see win/loss information, opportunity trends, and campaign metrics
Marketing Resource Library
  • Provide a fast response to customer requests with a full library of information you build into your CRM
  • Store and organize collateral, price sheets, manuals, and whitepapers
  • Attach literature to email campaigns and customer communication right from Infor CRM
  • Create folders to organize items into categories and manage files
Application Integration
  • Import relevant customer profile information from web-based applications and social media services
  • Export reports and lists into Microsoft Office applications
  • Integrate with E-marketing, e-commerce, document sharing, social networking, and other web-based services
  • Include maps, news, stock information, campaign information, survey responses, social media profiles and customer feedback, in-context, within account and contact records
Infor CRM E-marketing
  • Create and send professional email campaigns to your prospects and customers
  • Nurture prospects automatically using drip E-marketing campaigns
  • Qualify your leads and route to sales fast using marketing CRM software
  • View a ranked list of the hottest prospects based on their interactions with your campaigns
  • Send surveys to prospects and customers to mine valuable data for marketing and product development teams
Customer Service
Ticket Management
  • Track ticket ID, contact information, type, status, urgency, assignment, and date needed
  • Schedule phone calls, meetings, and actions to follow up on open issues
  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate resource based on product, location, or skill
Returns & Defects
  • Ensure product returns are processed efficiently and accurately
  • Record defects, shipping instructions, serial numbers, attachments, and comments
  • Track defect details including ID number, severity, priority, status, problem type, description, and source
  • Provide a communication medium between support and product departments
Service Contract Management
  • Track contract details such as service level, price, time and/or dollars remaining
  • Manage multiple contract types - per incident, time period, or dollar amount
  • Track time spent on individual tickets and support issues

  • Perform an advanced keyword search of any Infor CRM table or shared network directory
  • Reference prior tickets, attachments, standard problems and resolutions, activities, and notes/history
  • Populate resolutions automatically into service tickets with one click
  • Archive approved resolutions in the knowledge base for future reference
Alerts & Workflow Automation
  • Monitor data proactively and receive alerts when service conditions are triggered
  • Automate user/date-time stamps, ticket punch-in/out, ticket number, and assignment
  • Configure email workflows, escalation conditions, and notification routing
Reporting & Analytics
  • Capture data and analyze key customer service/support metrics
  • View issue totals by category, escalation history, unresolved issues, and a weekly recap
  • Using advanced analytics, drill down into details about call type, time to resolve, product issues, and individual performance
Analytics and Reporting

Standard Reports - Sales
  • Generate account and contact lists that include any critical CRM information
  • Report on funnel opportunities, quota fulfillment, and closed/won/lost
  • Detailed forecast reports by account manager
  • Export reports into Excel or Word for further analysis
Standard Reports - Marketing & Support
  • Track support issues based on number of open and closed tickets, time to resolution, and follow-up
  • Monitor contract status, including activity and expirations
  • Track results on active marketing campaigns
  • Report on lead source and status
Configurable Dashboards
  • Configurable dashboards provide key analytical information in a visual format
  • Dashboards can be configured for sales, marketing, service, and support data
  • Choose bar charts, funnels, pie charts, or columns to display your data
  • Create timeline visualizations of important account activities
Infor CRM Advanced Analytics
  • Analytical dashboards encompass the full range of CRM functionality - sales, marketing, and support
  • Multiple graphically-rich charts and visualization tools including bar, pie, line and combination charts, tree maps, heat maps, scatter plots, and bubble charts
  • Select data elements, mark records, and drill into multiple levels of details
Advanced Analytics - Sales Dashboards
  • Assess sales performance metrics with pre-built dashboards covering:
    • Sales by geography
    • Historical sales
    • Sales trends
    • Sales forecast
    • Sales pipeline
    • Win/loss, ranking
    • Productivity analysis
  • Analyze sales data based on opportunity, region, sales stage, and more
  • Filter information based on date, opportunity manager, industry, and region
  • Export tables to Excel for additional analysis
Advanced Analytics - Marketing Dashboards
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through campaign dashboards:
    • Campaign revenue
    • Potential revenue
    • Responses
    • Budget VS. actual comparisons
  • Measure and display data based on revenue and opportunities - open, won, or lost
  • Filter by campaign, date, lead source, industry, region, and more
Advanced Analytics - Support Dashboards
  • Improve customer service and support by acting on insights provided by dashboards covering:
    • Customer support agent performance
    • Ticket categorization
    • Agent workload
  • Analyze data based on multiple criteria, including assigned agent, issue, priority, account, and region
  • Filter data by support representative, issue, category, and location

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