About Plexure

About Plexure Company

Plexure specialises in providing companies with consultancy and deployment of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for firms of all industries and sizes (from small and medium enterprises to multi-national corporations). Based on our years of experience working with clients through their Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), we work hand in hand with clients to ensure that their new software initiatives culminate effectively in the practical implementation of bespoke systems customized and fine-tuned for the varying needs of their business.

Through the process of in-depth analysis of our clients' business and processes, we help to optimize firms' business processes, allowing for greater operations efficiency, reduced overhead costs and increased competitive advantage. Beyond merely the technical implementation of software systems, Plexure also assists in introducing process reforms and handling the strategic stakeholder change management process which are necessary for the smooth implementation of the newly developed CRM or ERP system.

With our grounded experience in developing and deploying various CRM systems for our clients, Plexure is well placed to provide neutral and sound advice to clients looking to adopt strategically sound CRM system implementation, to achieve their business objectives within the specified time and budget.

We are a vibrant and forward-looking Singapore-based company, staffed with a dynamic and creative team of technology specialists, armed with strong domain expertise and experience in CRM systems and business process applications. In a world with constantly changing and improving technology, Plexure is well positioned to help firms achieve to greater business success through properly leveraging on information technology, in a thorough strategic and sensible implementation.

Our domain experience is based on successful implementations of technology solutions for a diverse group of companies in industries such as Engineering, Entertainment, Financial, Healthcare, Property and Retail.

We are confident that we are in the best position to deliver what we promise and it is our ambition to shape our customers businesses to greater heights with the aid of information technology.

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