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Infor Mobile CRM

Achieve High Mobility with Infor Mobile CRM
Infor Mobile CRM 3.0 provides robust capabilities to the users who spend most of their time on the road and in the field. You can edit all account and contact information, view KPIs (key performance indicators), access charts, and keep track of your schedule and activities. You will be able to:

Experience world-class usability with Infor Mobile CRM
Easy to learn and use, Infor Mobile CRM has an attractive, task-oriented user interface with quick actions and context menus. Interaction with native device functions such as mapping, dialing, and email further streamlines the user experience.

Broad Smartphone, Tablet and Device Support
Infor CRM Mobile 3.0 allows you to access your CRM data from a wide range of popular devices with no additional charge to Infor CRM customers.

Benefit from unparalleled flexibility with Infor Mobile CRM
Customize and configure the application to meet unique business requirements and user preferences, and access key customer data both online and offline to drive 100% user adoption.

Deploy and manage easily for low TCO with Infor Mobile CRM
Designed to provide an exceptional ownership experience, Infor Mobile CRM can be deployed quickly and easily, managed and customized centrally and updated automatically over the air.

Infor CRM Implementation Android Solution Infor CRM Implementation Android Solution Infor CRM Implementation Android Solution

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